Shelley Clennin

Path To Empowerment, LLC

I feel we are all unique in our own way. We all have areas in our life that we stand strong on. Some of these areas for me would be integrity, honesty, trustworthiness and dedication to being the very best human I can be.... EVERY SINGLE DAY. I give without expectation for anything in return. I implement my morals and values in my business. You can rest assured that when I come in to present Legal and ID Shield to your work families that I care about their well being just as much as you do. Being a fellow business owner, I understand how critical it is to create a safe and happy work environment. Our employees are just as important as our customers. It takes BOTH to make a business function. Without them, we have nothing.

About Path To Empowerment, LLC

As an Employee Benefits Specialist with LegalShield & IDShield, Shelley has been able to fulfill her life-long passion of serving others, while building meaningful relationships and improving the lives of those around her. Why LegalShield? Ask yourself these questions: Have you ever been concerned about Identity Theft? Have you ever had an employee take time off to deal with a personal issue? Are you looking for innovative strategies to retain your employees and/or clients? LegalShield can help you reach these goals and more! These cutting edge benefits serve a great need and are among the Top 5 sought after programs for employers today - *EBN (Employee Benefits News) If you're: - Employer looking to attract and retain talent - Small Business Owner looking to save time and money - Insurance Professional looking to add value to your Clients LegalShield has a solution for you! For more information about LegalShield and how Rachael may be able to help you or a loved one, please visit: Shelley looks forward to serving you!

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