Kerri Kemper

Rejuvenating Essentials LLC

Living in the Grand Valley has given Kerri the opportunity to find and expand her career oportunities as an Alternative Health Practitioner specializing in Foot Zone Therapy, LED Harmonic Light therapy and Chakra Balancing. As the owner of Rejuvenating Essentials she has been able to help give people a choice towards self-care providing them with options that serves their physical and emotional health. Kerri is currently serving on the MCWN Board as the Secretary. She has 7 grown children and enjoys living on 5 acres with her husband Ronnie.

About Rejuvenating Essentials LLC

An Alternative Self Care business that specializes in Foot Zoning, LED Harmonic Light Therapy, Chakra Balancing along with Herbal Foot Soaks for detoxing and boosting your mood and immune system. When you visit Rejuvenating Essentials you will be able to Relax, Release and Reclaim.

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