Janice Earhart


Janice teaches and coaches on happiness and has an inspirational product line to support and empower your life. She teaches “Upping Your Happy” course for corporations, non-profits and women’s organizations. As the artist, writer and creator of iZoar, a line of products, she uniquely combines art, empowerment and inspiration. Her products are created through her whimsical art characters that deliver deep messages in light costumes. Her work is a favorite among counselors, therapists and life coaches for they help explore hard subjects with joy and laughter. Often called a therapist on paper, Janice helps facilitate personal growth in her teaching and products by connecting people to their own journey in a creative and playful manner. Her goal is to weave insights, knowledge, wisdom and humor into everything she creates. When not in the world of iZoar, Janice enjoys hiking the mountains of Colorado with her husband and their Golden Retriever, gardening, riding her bike, camping, cooking or dabbling in other creative projects. As a chronically curious creature she finds the world incredibly interesting and thus, keeps her life as fascinating as her characters. Her life is her story. Janice teaches what she has learned. Her wish is that you receive inspiration from her teachings and products and her prayer is that you become all that you can be and go beyond what you think is possible.

About iZoar

iZoar offers products for self- exploration and personal growth. We deliver these products in a unique combination of art, inspiration and empowerment and they can be found in stores across the United States and on our website: www.izoar.com. We also work with therapist, counselors and life coaches to add these playful and creative products to their practices. Our products help facilitate personal growth while connecting people to their journeys in a playful manner.

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