Heather Usow

U Reap What U Sow

I am the Saucy One!!! I make my own Hot Sauce "Heather's Hell Sauce" and I have since I was 12 when I learned I was allergic to Garlic and couldn't find anything Hot enough so now I make a purist sauce with just Chilis and vinegar so it is allowed in both diets for diabetics and those with heart conditions because it has no salt or sugar. I also read Tarot cards and have maintained a steady clientele for over the last 2 decades in both the Eastern Slope and Tucson and now am looking to expand to the Western Slope. So if you have questions or just want a closer connection to what the universe has to offer I am here for you.

About U Reap What U Sow

We are a locally owned family farm that specializes in Hemp and Hot Peppers. Located right here in Mesa County.

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