Cassidy Jimerson

Foxglove & Thistle Designs

Originally from Buena Vista (pronounced BEW-na, thank you very much) I moved to the Grand Valley to attend school at Colorado Mesa University. After graduating with a bachelor's in mass communication I left GJ for a short time to travel and figure out my next move. But gosh darn it, the Grand Valley kept calling me back, so after only 6 months I returned. I have since settled here where I started my own business: Foxglove and Thistle Designs. Through Foxglove and Thistle I am able to help small businesses grow and thrive through various online channels. Since starting freelancing, it's been incredible to get to know and help locals here in the Grand Valley. When I'm not working I like to travel, paddle board, hike, camp and eat really good food!

About Foxglove & Thistle Designs

Foxglove and Thistle Designs is a media agency that helps small businesses show up online. We offer social media management, website design and graphic design. We also offer one on one coaching sessions as well as courses designed specifically for your business.

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