January Raises Awareness to Human Trafficking

WSAT orange

Western Slope Against Trafficking is a collaborative effort to bring awareness and education concerning the threat of human trafficking on the western slope. As a non profit, WSAT works alongside larger organizations to assist in finding resources for victims of human trafficking as well as educate the public to dispel any confusion surrounding trafficking.
Human trafficking is not only a problem on the Western Slope but also worldwide. This may seem like a daunting problem to tackle. The most effective way to create change is to start at home, to start in Grand Junction. By keeping the public educated and aware of human trafficking on the western slope, we can work as a community to end human trafficking.

Mesa County Women’s Network invites CMU Professor of Spanish Studies, President of the Hispanic Affairs Project and labor trafficking activist, Tom Acker, to expand our knowledge on the impact of human trafficking in our community and discuss how you can get involved.

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